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Startups: Tools Are Bought, Transformations Are Sold
One thing that I wish I had learned earlier in my entrepreneurial career is this: Tools are bought, transformations are sold. Here's a clip of a talk I gave at the SaaStr conference…
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5 Tips For Choosing The Best Domain Name For Your Startup
The following is a guest post by Joe Uddeme the founder of Name Experts. Joe started the company 12 years ago and specializes in complex domain, purchases and sales. I’m a client of…
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What's BitClout? Late Night Conversations With Myself
Disclaimer: I am not an investment advisor or a lawyer. Don’t invest money (fiat or crypto)  based on anything you read  here.This blog post is for entertainment purposes only.…
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A Weird and Wacky Approach To Angel Investing
An Odd Start To My Angel Investing I started my first company at around the age of 24. It was called Pyramid Digital Solutions and it was a CRM (Customer Relationship Management)…
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Does Hiring An MBA Reduce Your Startup's Chances Of Success?
MBAs have had a bad rep in the startup world for a while now. This short, fun video I did captures the sentiment -- and also answers the question: Does hiring an MBA into your startup…
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Why I Bought Roblox Shares, Despite Disliking Their Games
I've spent some time on Roblox. My reason is simple. I have a 10 year old son, and he likes loves it (second only to Minecraft).  I'll be honest. I do not like the games on Roblox. I…
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