Agent AI: Connecting The Dots With New Newsletter

Written By: Dharmesh Shah November 19, 2023

tl;dr: Earlier this week, I launched a new, A.I. focused newsletter on  

Why Another Newsletter?

I've been digging into A.I. for a while now, and I just wanted a convenient mechanism to share things I've learned in the hopes that it'll help Connect Dots both for me and for you.

Also, I've never created a newsletter before, and was curious to learn more about how they work and try out one of the newsletter platforms.  I started on Substack, but ended up moving to Beehiiv -- primarily because Beehiiv has an API and Substack doesn't. 

Some day, if this is successful, I'm going to want to integrate Beehiiv to HubSpot.

Here's the first post which demystifies Agent AI -- and tries to come up with a simple definition:

What Is Agent AI And Why All The Excitement

The newsletter is completely free, like most things I do.

Hope you'll check it out and subscribe to the Agent AI Newsletter.

Thanks for the support.



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