Interested in software startups? 

Hopefully, like me, you're here because you're interested in startups -- more specifically, software startups. Welcome friend.

As a professional geek, I used to work in a reasonably fun job doing what I liked to do (write code).

Eventually, I got a little frustrated with it all so, at the ripe old age of 24, I started my first software company.  It did pretty well.  It got a bunch of awards, attracted a bunch of smart people, reached millions of dollars of sales, and was ultimately sold for millions of more dollars to a much larger technology company.

Since then, I've remained a "startup guy." 

1) Co-founded HubSpot in 2006.  HubSpot is now a public company [NYSE:HUBS] with over 3,000 employees worldwide.

2) I've angel invested in over 80+ startups including Okta, Dropbox, WPEngine, Buffer, CoinBase, and a bunch of others.  


So why OnStartups?

During this entire process, I figured out that there are others out there that are also fascinated with startups and what it takes to make them succeed.  So, I started this blog.  So basically, this site is for and about software startups.

Do me a favor and subscribe to the RSS feed just so I know you're out there.  You already have hundreds of feeds you've subscribed to anyways, what harm is one more?

Enjoy the site and thanks for visiting.

— Dharmesh Shah
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