12 Terrible (But Hilarious) Places To Work [slides]

Written By: Dharmesh Shah April 22, 2013

work runAfter the week we've had in Boston this week, I found it hard to focus on any overly heavy work this weekend.

So, instead, I created the slide deck below.  This is unlike the prior deck I worked on (Culture Code), which had 150+ slides, and proved to be useful.  This one is 14 slides, takes a minute to go through and is almost 

completely without use.  

But ye, it's fun. Hope you enjoy it.


(And, disclosure: This was not completely for amusement.  There's a call-to-action at the end, and the deck is intended to collect some data and tips for an upcoming talk I'm giving).

Oh, and as you'll see from the deck, I'm not the best comedic writer in the world, so if you have a better caption for some of those slides, please leave them in the comments.  

Thanks for indulging me every now and then. Now, back to real work.

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