WebInno18 Boston: Data Analysis of Startup Meetup Registrants

Written By: Dharmesh Shah July 13, 2008

The popular Boston Web Innovators Group held in Cambridge, MA is coming up this Tuesday, July 15th 2008.  Like the events before it, WebInno18 promises to be another great event.  I plan to attend and might even experiment with Twitter Blogging it on my @OnStartups twitter profile.  If you're going to be there, send me a tweet and let me know.  Will look out for you.

For one of the prior WebInno meetups, I did a quick analysis of those attending (using the RSS data of registrants as the input) and had come up with some Web Innovator Cambridge statistics.  I had the PHP script to do the quick analysis developed by one of the OnStartups readers.

Thought I'd do another one this time around and identify how the make-up of the group has (or has not) changed).

Here's the top keywords that show up in the profiles of the people signed up so far.  There are about 870 registrants for Web Inno 18 so far (compared to 792 for Web Inno 17).  The event definitely seems to be growing.

Token Web Inno 18 Web Inno 17
Manager 54 38
CEO 53 43
President 41 35
Founder 41 39
Senior 40 18
LLC 29 10
Marketing 25 17
Director 24 37
VP 24 20
Engineer/Engineering 23 15
Co-Founder 22 14
Director 22 18
Development/Developer 20 11
CTO 19 13
Consultant 17 13
Principal 15 20
Ventures 12 18
Architect 7 9
Harvard 7 9
MIT 7 5
Designer 7 7

Hope to see you at WebInno 18.  If you have any doubts that the Boston area has a vibrant Internet startup community, this should dispel those doubts. Hat tip to David Beisel who has done a fantastic job building this up.  I can remember the early, early days of WebInno when all of us would fit around a bar in Kendall Square.  We've come a long way.  Thanks David!

Hope to see you on Tuesday at the Royal Sonesta hotel.  I might try to put together an informal dinner for a few folks before (or after) the event as I've done every time since I started going to these things.  Send me a tweet at @onstartups if you're interested.  I usually limit it to about 6 people and keep it to just tech-entrepreneur types that I haven't had the chance to chat with in a while.

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