Speaking to MIT Students in 15.390 - New Enterprises

Written By: Dharmesh Shah September 17, 2007
Brian Halligan (my co-founder at HubSpot, and MIT classmate) and I are scheduled to speak tomorrow to the "New Enterprises" class at the MIT Sloan school tomorrow.

New Enterprises (or more fondly known as 15.390) is a course focused on entrepreneurship.  Both Brian and I took the course while grad students at MIT -- though during different terms.  HubSpot was kicked-off, in part, during the New Enterprises class in Spring 2006, so the course has particular significance to us.

The focus of our talk tomorrow is supposed to be "sales and marketing for startups" (a topic that we both happen to be passionate about).  However, we're also planning on weaving in some other topics that we think should be fun and interesting (like raising capital, founder dynamics, etc.)  As it turns out, Howard Anderson and Ken Zolot (the guys that teach the course) are not going to be in class tomorrow, so Brian and I have the whole class period to do with what we want.  The students are at our mercy.  <diabolical laugh here>

In any case, if it turns out that you are a current MIT student and are taking 15.390 with Anderson and Zolot this Fall, please leave a comment and introduce yourself.  For the rest of you, I'll plan to write a quick summary post about what we talk about later this week, in case you are curious.

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