The Big, Important Startup Lesson From The Recent Google Leadership Shuffle

Written By: Dharmesh Shah January 21, 2011

As you’ve heard, there’s been some big announcements at Google recently (announced during their earnings call).  In fact, it’s impossible to not have heard this news, as it’s being shouted in every major media channel (online and offline) there is.onstartups ignore google

Eric Schmidt is changing roles, and Larry Page will become the new CEO of Google, effective April 4th.

So, what’s the big lesson here for startups?

Answer:  It’s the same lesson to be learned from most of the big news coming out of Google.

Your startup is not Google.  Google exists in an alternate universe where the laws of mere mortal businesses do not apply.

If you try to emulate a single aspect of Google, you will be transported to their alternate universe.  The resulting change in atmospheric pressure will cause your startup to explode spectacularly.

The best lesson here:  Resist the temptation to extrapolate insight from a data point of 1.  When faced with pontificators and speculators, not politely (it’s easier than if you engage) and go back to working on your product.

What do you think?  Has any startup been able to draw relevant lessons from the Google?

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