11 Favorite Articles On Startups - 2007

January 1, 2008

First off, Happy New Year! I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that has supported this blog by reading, subscribing, commenting and linking. OnStartups.com now ranks #1 on Google for the term "startups" (even beating out the ubiquitous Wikipedia).

Now that 2007 has come to close, it seems that many blogs are recapping the year with a listing of their best posts. I figured some of the OnStartups readers might also find this helpful. So, here are a list of articles that I think are the most useful. If you want to get caught up on the year of OnStartups.com, the articles below are probably your best bet.

11 Of My Favorites From OnStartups - 2007

1. Startups and The Problem Of Premature Scalaculation

2. Why Some Software Is Not Simpler, Just Suckier

3. Why Startups Have Fewer Dilbertian, Pointy-Haired Bosses

4. Why You Should (Almost) Never Rewrite Your Software

5. Why A Real Market Of A Few Is Better Than A Mythical Market of Millions

6. The Dark Side of Startups: 5 Corrosive Co-Founder Conflicts

7. Startup Marketing: Be The Lesser Of Two Necessary Evils

8. Startup Marketing: Big Bang vs. Darwinian Evolution

9. The Art of Startup Prioritization: Maximizing The Wow-To-Work Ratio

10. 5 Startup Sales Tips from Turkish Rug Dealers

11. Why "Me Too" Startups Are Not Always A Mistake

Now, as we go into 2008, if there are startup topics that you'd like to see addressed in OnStartups.com, please leave a comment. If I feel like I have something useful to say on the topic, I'll write an article.

Written by Dharmesh Shah

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