Win Free Seat to the Sold-Out 37signals Master Class

October 18, 2010

After a long hiatus, the brilliant team at 37signals will be running another master class “How We Work”.  Think of it as startup bootcamp — for a day.  You get to interact in a small group including Jason, DHH and Ryan.  It’s a rare opportunity.  You’ll successfully learn more in one day than I fail to learn in a year.37school

There are two problems though: 

1) The ticket is $1,000 (though totally worth it, might be more than you can afford at the monent). 

2) Even if you had the $1,000, the event is sold-out.

To support what they’re doing, and because I think it’s such an awesome opportunity, I bought the last seat for the event (and for the record, yes, I did pay the $1,000).

I’m going to give it away to one very lucky, deserving individual in exchange for just one thing:  After the event, you write a guest post for OnStartups that shares some of what you learned.  [My goal at OnStartups is very simple — help more startups succeed].

Here’s how I’m going to arbitrarily pick the winner: Visit OnStartups on Facebook.  Find this article and leave a comment.  Ideally, you’ll share some insight that you learned (or pretended that you learned) from 37signals.  Maybe from the blog, or from one of their books, like the super-useful (and free) “Getting Real”.  Let me know in the comment that you're in the running.  Just put #ftw in there.  (Note: All costs other than the cost of the ticket are yours — the event is in Chicago).  Limitations apply, void where prohibited and you are at the mercy of my whim.

Summary:  1) Read the details on the class (and make sure you can go).  2) Leave a comment on the OnStartups Facebook Page.  3) (Maybe) WIN!

On a somewhat related note, I’m on the hunt for an exceptional hackepreneur in the Boston area that codes in PHP (and does so unapologetically) to work on projects with me in HubSpot Labs.  Particularly the new Social Inbox project.  If you’re a candidate for this role, and really truly kick-ass, launch products, then drop me an email: dshah {at} hubspot {daht-kahm}. 

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Written by Dharmesh Shah

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