Who Has The Best Startup Blog? Hint: There's A New Sheriff In Town

Written By: Dharmesh Shah June 20, 2007
I've been reading startup blogs for as long as there have been startup blogs.

I'm a fan of Joel Spolsky.  I'm impressed with his wit and humor.  Some of his older stuff was really good, but most of his newer stuff just hasn't struck me in the same way.  But, maybe that's just me.

I'm a fan of Paul Graham.  I'm impressed with his intelligence and ability to really cover a topic well in a way that makes sense and appeals to my analytical side.

I'm a fan of Guy Kawasaki because despite not having had that much startup experience, he seems to really get it.  He's got some natural startup instincts and an approachable writing style.

But, none of these is my favorite startup-related blog anymore.  That designation goes to Marc Andreesen's relatively new blog, blog.pmarca.com (though the name itself is not particularly intuitive).  As evidence, I'll cite his two most recent articles, which I think are simply brilliant. 

1.  Guide To Startups, Part 1: Why Not To Do A Startup

2.  Guide To Startups, Part 2: When The VCs Say No

I defy you to find more useful and insightful content on the topic of startups.

As a startup blogger myself, I am continually humbled by the quality of content that is out there.  Now, Marc's raised the bar even higher.  If you are a busy startup founder and don't have much time to read, you should probably read Marc's stuff instead of mine.  Trust me, you'll be glad you switched...

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