Startup Advice In Exactly Three Words - #StartupTriplets

Written By: Dharmesh Shah January 8, 2010

This article is a bit out of the ordinary.  But, it's a Fridstartup triplesay so I'm hoping you'll cut me some slack. 

For some reason, I like wordsmithing and trying to make phrases smaller (but still have some meaning).   So, late at night, I tried to come up with some of my best startup advice and see if I could reduce it down to exactly three words (which is why I call them "triplets").  One thing led to another, and I became obsessed with it. So, then I made 47 before I had to make myself stop.  And, to ensure that you didn't take this too seriously, I included a photo of some puppies.  You will now find the article irresistible and will share it with the entire world.  

In any case, hope you enjoy them.  It's likely not the most brilliant startup advice you've ever read -- but it has a decent chance of being the shortest.  Oh, and please be sure to add your own in the comments. 

Startup Triplets:  Startup Advice In Exactly Three Words

1.  Watch your cash. [tweet]

2.  Pick founders carefully. [tweet]

3.  Hire generalists early. [tweet]

4.  Hire specialists later. [tweet]

5. Invest in culture. [tweet]

6. Avoid tempting distractions. [tweet]

7.  Support customers maniacally. [tweet]

8.  Avoid business plans. [tweet]

9.  Write a blog. [tweet]

10. Never fudge numbers. [tweet]

11. Encourage diverse thinking. [tweet]

12. Guard your time. [tweet]

13.  Defer renting space. [tweet]

14. Get enough sleep. [tweet]

15.  Delay raising capital. [tweet]

16.  Persist through downturns. [tweet]

17.  Decide with data. [tweet]

18.  Improve product daily. [tweet]

19. Recognize revenue consistently. [tweet]

20. Start charging early. [tweet]

21. Reward early adopters. [tweet]

22. Sell something today. [tweet]

23. Say “NO” often. [tweet]

24. Accept imperfect data. [tweet]

25.  Recruit with zest. [tweet]

26. Nurture your best. [tweet]

27.  Treat vendors well. [tweet]

28. Believe in yourself. [tweet]

29. Respect your competitors. [tweet]

30. Try something new. [tweet]

31. Build a brand. [tweet]

32. Focus, focus, focus. [tweet]

33. Iterate more often. [tweet]

34. Use your product. [tweet]

35. Live your vision. [tweet]

36. Encourage rational debate. [tweet]

37. Make decisions swiftly. [tweet]

38. Face harsh realities. [tweet]

39. Don’t break laws. [tweet]

40. Protect your health. [tweet]

41. Celebrate your successes. [tweet]

42. Cancel unnecessary meetings. [tweet]

43. Improve emloyee's resumes. [tweet]

44. Beware big bullies. [tweet]

45. Share the experience. [tweet]

46. Maintain your relationships. [tweet]

47. Keep it fun. [tweet]

Update:  Guy Kawasaki (yes, the Guy Kawasaki) was kind enough to post some of his own triplets. Here are some:

48. Sales fixes everything.

49. Ship then test.

50. Do not partner.

You can see his full list here: Guy Kawasaki's Startup Triplets.

Challenge:  You're way smarter than I am.  Please come up with your own startup triplets and share them.  Leave a comment or post it to twitter (with hashtag #StartupTriplets).  I think you'll find it fun -- and addicting.  I'll take the best ones and pull them together into a future post -- or even a book.  You could be famous!

Ready?  Go!

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