Experimenting with Ads

May 27, 2006

This blog has been “ad free” since it started.
However, in order to better educate myself about various advertising engines and vehicles (I’ve experimented with Google AdSense in the past), I’m going to turn on advertising to see what happens.  I like to base my opinion, when possible, on “real world experience” and feel like it has been too long since I played around with the advertising stuff.
Within the limits of whatever each advertising platform allows, I’ll share details around what I have learned and how the various platforms compare (at least from a software entrepreneurs perspective).
If the fact that this site now has advertising really, really bothers you, please leave a comment here.  I’m not doing this for the financial value (it’s unlikely that much revenue will be generated), but instead for the education value.  However, if this bothers enough readers, I’ll turn it back off again.

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