Facebook Acquires Twitter and 4 More Deals That Should Happen

By Dharmesh Shah on July 23, 2008

Today's big news from TechCrunch is is that Google is in the final stages of acquiring digg for about $200 million.  Makes sense to me.  Particularly given some of Google's recent experiments having social voting in their search results pages.

I'd been thinking about startup acquisitions earlier this year (and started keeping a side list of deals I thought should get done).  Just as an amusing exercise.

The 5 Tech Deals That Should Happen

Disclaimer:  When I say should happen, it's not a prediction, just something that I think makes sense.

1.  Facebook should acquire Twitter:  Let's face it, back in the early days, some of us wondered how Twitter was different from an enhanced version of Facebook status updates.  I think the two products would work well together, and Facebook has the resources to help Twitter get over some of the current platform stability issues.

2.  Google should acquire FriendFeed:  This would be a bit similar to the FeedBurner acquisition (although FriendFeed is nowhere near as far along).  Google gets a good product that can further it's social networking stuff.

3.  Microsoft should acquire Xobni:  This one's already been talked about before, and almost happened.  It should happen.  Xobini's got a great team, Microsoft needs some new energy in the Outlook group.

4.  Intuit should acquire Freshbooks:  You may not have heard of Freshbooks, but it's a cool company with a cool product for invoicing.  Intuit needs a much better web offering, and the Freshbook folks have great design and are great entrepreneurs.

5.  Ning should acquire Mixx:  Ning is growing, but needs more "best of breed" style social networking apps.  Mixx is brilliantly executed and more and more people want/need some type of focused social news product as part of a larger social network or community.

So, what do you think?  What's your vote for the acquisitions in the remainder of 2008 that should happen?  Leave 'em and debate 'em in the comments.

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Why You Should Attend Business of Software 2008 In Boston

By Dharmesh Shah on July 20, 2008

If you read this blog, there's a pretty good chance you're somehow involved in the business of software.  By that, I mean you are trying to (gasp!) make money in the software business.  If that's the case, I can't think of any better place to be this September than the Business of Software Conference being held in Boston on September 3-4. 

Some Reasons Why You Should Be At Business Of Software 2008

1.  Joel Spolsky will be there.  Well, he's not just going to be there, he's one of the organizers along with Neil Davidson, the CEO of Red Gate Software. 

2.  Seth Godin will be there.  Seth is a brilliant marketer.  Doesn't get more brilliant.  And, if you're in the business of software, you really, really need to understand marketing.  If you're not reading Seth's blog, you should be.

3.  Jessica Livingston will be there.  Jessica is the author of "Founders At Work", which was an exceptionally fun and insightful read.  Parts of it gave me goose-bumps (yes, I'm that strange).  If you're both a software person and a startup person, you need to read her book. 

4.  Jason Fried of 37signals fame will be there.  Jason's on my list of "most pragmatic entrepreneurs ever".  He was kind enough to let me interview him for my graduate paper at MIT back when I was a student.  All around swell guy.  Oh, and you haven't already, you should absolutely read "Getting Real".  Now it's even free.

5.  Richard Stallman will be there.  Yes, that Richard Stallman.  This should be one interesting discussion.

6.  Eric Sink will be there.  Eric is (in my mind), the software guy's software guy.  Immensely articulate and thoughtful.  Eric's aptly named "Eric Sink On The Business Of Software" is one of the books on my startup reading list.

7.  Mike Milinkovich will be there.  He's the executive director of the Eclipse foundation. 

8.  Steve Johnson of Pragmatic Marketing will be there.  Steve was a big hit at last year's conference.  If you want to understand why, just watch the video from last year.

9.  Tom Jennings and Paul Kenny will be there.  Tom's a venture capitalist and Paul's all about sales.  I'm guessing a few of you are looking for capital or looking for customers.

10.  People like you will be there.  People that are in the business of software.

Note, the above is not a complete list of speakers. 

Oh, and by the way, I've been selected so speak at this year's conference as well -- but please don't hold that against them.

All in all, Business of Software 2008 promises to be a great event.  Something I'd travel to come see, if I didn't live in Boston -- which I do. 

By the way, if you're going to go, you can save $300 by registering before July 22nd. 

Hope to see you there.

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